Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Confessions of a Hoarder (plus a Giveaway)

  So a little confession, I'm a bit of a hoarder and I happen to hoard samples. Oh how I love getting little, tiny sized offerings of all sorts of stuff, and I can't turn them down! Nordstroms is an absolute nightmare for my poor husband when we go shopping as they are WAY too happy to offer you a little sample of anything your heart desires. 
  Then I found BirchBox, oh dear I don't even have leave the house to find my tiny treasures! They ship them right to my house! Suffice to say that I have accumulated quite a stash of sample products that I have no interest in or won't ever use. What to do with it all?
 Turn it into your gain! 

For no reason at all I decided to gather all the goodies 
I have never used, or opened, sniffed and said "nope" to. 

Now 2 lucky gals can have them!

  I have been hoarding the pretty boxes that my Birchbox sample come in too, so I have put together two packages of sample sized happiness for two lucky readers to win. These boxes are full of stuff that any girl will enjoy, most of the sample are entirely unused but one or two may have been opened to investigate but only about a single spritz has been used to decide that this product wasn't for me. If that doesn't weird you out it's yours for the taking and my husband will thank you.

Pamper Box
  This box contains a bunch of sample sized goodies that will help revive and revitalize you! Any nurse or nursing student could use a little pick me up and this is full of great stuff that will help you feel like you had the time and money for a mini spa day. And who knows you may love the products so much you might just go hunt them down.

Primp Box
  This box is stuffed with goodies for the nurse or nursing student who still wants to look good, even if it is only during long 12 hour shifts or at clinicals. There are a bunch of samples and full sized products in here that will help you look great whether you are heading out for a much needed break or just wanting to look like you actually have enough time to get made up before heading to work or school. 

How to Get a Box
  • Leave a comment telling me if you are a nurse or nursing student, which box you just have to get your hands on, and why one of these boxes would make your day. 
  • You have until June 21st, 2015 to enter, one entry per person, please leave an email address so that I can contact you if you have won.
  • 2 lucky gals will be chosen at random.

Good luck!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Nurses Week

  The other night was the big kick off to Nurses Week, the pot luck was set out and delicious smells rolled out of the galley and were making my stomach growl. I wanted to run out and grab something hot, but I was stuck. Stuck in my room with a patient who was in a very very bad way and a family who didn't dare move from the room. I don't know why but whenever a potluck is set out, my patient crumps. I stayed in that room for most of the night unable to step out for supplies let alone for food, but at the end of the night I couldn't feel happier.
  That night was a blinding example of nursing at its absolute perfection, the team pulled together, nurses in and out of the room helping me with supplies, an extra set of hands or just whisking away the accumulating mess of tubing and wires and surgical instruments. Cups of coffee were cheerfully delivered to the family, reassuring smiles flashed their way and somehow, somehow they knew everything was going to be OK.
  At the end of the shift I was exhausted, but not as exhausted as the family who sat and watched helpless to do anything and having to put trust and faith in absolute strangers. When I left that morning I saw tears on their cheeks but hope in their eyes, I received hugs that conveyed so much more than any words.
  I walked out the doors that morning exhausted yet somehow renewed and revived. It's because of these moments I am a nurse.

Happy Nurses Week to all of you who have felt what I felt that morning.