Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ABG Tic Tac Toe

  I remember the first time I was presented with ABG's, I nearly cried. I could figure out the pH part, acid vs alkaline was pretty simple I had been testing the acidity of pool water for a long time by them. But the metabolic vs respiratory boggled my mind and hurt my head, and forget compensation. No way!

  Obviously I figured it out, I wouldn't have graduated if I hadn't. And now I specialize in ventilators, so it's kind of second nature. But I realize how intimidating it is, and after a little digging I found this work sheet that an instructor handed out in class. 

 I hope it helps!


  1. NICE!! definitely a keeper for us students, i wrote these tables until my hand hurt in fundamentals.

  2. Thanks!! It came so easy to me the first time around... but then... blank..lol

    Any IV calculation worksheets or heparin? I think I remember that in Block 3 labs you all were talking about that being the new info.

    You know me... want to get a jump start on the info and all... especially since I have all this extra time and all! lol

  3. Nice experience shared here.



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