Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hello Again...

 Looking at my last post I feel a little sad, wow it's been a long, long time since I have had the time (and the drive) to sit down and write. Something that gave me great pleasure not so long ago. 

  With spring having sprung I decided to start on some spring cleaning, closets have been swept clean of 10 year old clothing, the garden has been cleaned and reseeded and I have decided to return to blogging.  I find that now that I am deeper into this world we call nursing that there are times when I need to sit down and really think about what happened and how I feel about it and sometimes seeing my thoughts in the form of words is helpful.

  To all the new nurses and students who may stumble across this post, I suggest that you make time to sit and just think. I know this sounds silly but in reality in school and in the working world it is often so hard to find a moment to sit and just go over things in you head, sort them and file them away. I am the type who is always on the go, moving on moving up, but eventually things caught up to me and I began to feel overwhelmed and I had no idea why. 

  I stopped to "think" because I had to, something inside me broke and I had to stop and ask myself what was really going on, and it was hard.

  Things are better now, and one of the things I decided was to return to blogging if nothing else to "journal", for a lack of better words. 

  So here we go, a lot of things have stayed the same and a lot of things have changed. There are changes coming, I know that because nothing in this crazy world I have chosen ever stays the same for long, but that is why I love it. 

  So thank you to those of you who read along and welcome to my corner of the nursing world.