Thursday, October 20, 2011

Patients Say the Strangest Things

  Don't no what made me think of this but I thought I'd share:

  Back in my LPN days I was helping out a co-worker who had fallen behind in rounds, my hall had a low census so I went to pitch in. She asked me if I could administer meds to a nice lady down the hall. I gave the little lady her meds and asked her if she had had a BM or gone to the bathroom today. She laughed at me and said,

  "Oh no sweetie, I don't go to the bathroom, I pee through my blood."

  Not knowing the patient I just accepted the answer, asked her if there was anything else she needed and went to see my buddy.

 "Hey, your lady in 34B just said she doesn't go to the bathroom, she pee's through her blood?"

  "Oh yeah, she's a dialysis patient. She always forgets what its called"

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