Friday, July 6, 2012



Last night I got called off for the first time in forever, no I'm am not going to start complaining about that. What I am going to complain about it a comment made by a co worker the night before.  She was irritated and asked me how it was that I never seem to miss a day of work when she has been cancelled two night in a row due to low census. I told her I float to any department that needs the help, and the ED is never slow in our hospital so they are always happy to have another nurse to help out. Oh no, she told me, she won't float there ever.

   So please allow me this moment to throw a quick rant.......

  This is the nature of the beast, you are at the mercy of the census. This is our slow time, all across the city nurses are finding themselves called off for low census and we all know it. So you have two choices, suck it up and float to where the need is (aka ED) or stop whining! I am not going to apologize for taking the bullet and floating ever where across the hospital so that I can make my hours. And if you think about it, because I float it means someone gets to work in the ICU because I'm not there.
  To all the whiners who are complaining about having to float, please stop it. You should be happy that your staffing office is trying to find a way to have you work instead of not caring and just calling you off. So do us all a favor and please stow it and be grateful for the fact that you are working. If you have no desire to float please tell the house supervisor and I am sure he or she will be able to arrange to have someone who wants to work come in and have you called off for the night.

  Thank you!

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