Monday, April 20, 2015

Do You Know Where Your Urethra Is?

I found this video trolling on Facebook today, it is both hilarious and profound.
I think every nurse both new and old should watch this and take a trip down memory lane.


  1. Thanks for posting this wonderful video. So many elements that ring true and bring back the memories. We had those competitive procedure check off lists too. I remember thinking how perverse it was when a couple of us were fighting to get to a body to be the first to do post mortem care. Diploma schools could bring out the worst qualities in the best people.

  2. I hope you take some time during Nurse's Week to appreciate yourself. Florence Nightingale would be very proud of you.

  3. Concurring one study, around one-portion of reasons for urethral stricture are from therapeutic methods and control of the urethra or adjacent structures (surgeries, catheter insertion, and so on.). In around 33% of cases, no identifiable cause was found.

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  4. As a soon to be brand new RN this video gives me so much hope. Thank you.

  5. Hi there! I’m a brand new nurse and I’m having a really hard time finding an answer to this question online, I was hoping someone here could help.
    It might be an incredibly dumb question, but I honestly don’t understand and I’d like to....
    I had a patient’s U/A that tested positive for E. Coli.
    During report I told the oncoming nurse and she chewed me out because she said I should have put her on contact precautions for ESBL.
    I thought you could have a UTI - even with E. coli, and it not be ESBL (extended spectrum beta-lactamase) producing.
    Or does all E. coli produce ESBL?


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