Wednesday, October 19, 2011

D.I.Y. Dentistry

Yesterday I was sitting on couch
eating a bowl of gumbo,
suddenly I feel this crunchy,
gritty sensation in my mouth.

Upon further examination,
it appears that the filling in my
back molar has come out.
Of course it would happen now,
when I have no money and no insurance!

So, I do what any prudent nurse does,
hop on the internet and see what one
does to treat this problem.

Here's what I found:
Rinse twice a day with a chlorxehexidine based mouth wash,
brush gently, avoid chewing on that side
and get this stuff.
OTC temporary filling!
I went out this morning
 and picked it up at my local

The stuff looks like white putty in a teeny tiny jar.
Scoop some out, roll into a ball 
and cram it into the offending hole in tooth.
Avoid eating for 1 hour to let it cure,
and I now have a filling that feels as secure as 
the original one.

Best $4.00 I spent all week.

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