Sunday, December 18, 2011

ICU Survivor Week 2

  Sorry for the layoff folks, things have been a little crazy between trying to get a four day orientation done, enrolling into an ICU "bridge' course which is designed to teach me all I need to know about being an ICU nurse in 4 weeks and getting time on the floor. 
  Today I had a great day on the floor, I managed a patient who would walk out of her room to the nurses station and announce loudly that she was going to,

"Yank out this F@*&ing catheter right here and now if you don't take it out now!"

I assured her that was the lasting thing she wanted to do, luckily the doc was there and gave me the ok to take it out. It did take some talking to get her back in the room to do that though.  By the end of the day though we were BFF's, just in time to transfer her up to the floor.

I also had the opportunity to assist with a bedside placement of a hemodialysis catheter. The doc who did the proceedure apparently had a sense of humor.

"Nurse, are there any PVC's?"  

The doc gestures towards the table. The newbie begins scanning the table for a PVC (what the hell is that anyway?)


"Uhh I mean on the monitor, y'know the heart?"

Duh, and cardio was my best subject in nursing school!

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