Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to Reality

  Sorry for the total lack of any substantive posts my friends, the holidays really did a number on my free time.  Not only have I been on orientation at Local Hospital, but also taking an education program that is offered to all nurses moving into the critical care specialty by our regional education department. 
  This program has been in classroom a couple times a week plus online learning time, all paid! I cannot say how incredibly useful this education has been, I feel so much more prepared for what I might encounter in the ICU. 
  On that note, orientation has been going great. I actually ran with a full load (2 patients) yesterday, both on Cardizem drips and had no major mishaps. Charting is getting better now that I have a handle on the system and how to use it. Looking good!
  I have a ton of information to share with all you New Grad's and Student Nurses, they have loaded me up with all kinds of great teaching tools and resources...just have to get through the ACLS that's coming up, wish me luck!

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