Friday, January 6, 2012

Normal Hemodynamic Values

    Holidays are over and I know all you student nurses are heading back to school.  Cardiac monitoring was always a hard one for me to keep straight with all the values that you need to remember. I used to get a small pocket sized note book, type up my norms in charts and then past the little charts into my notebook.  I know a little OCD but WAY cheaper than those pocket books they try and sell you in the bookstore.
  So as a little back to school present for you all here is a nifty little chart that will give you all the norms for hemodynamic monitoring.

  Feel free to cut and paste it!

ParameterNormal Value
Mixed venous oxygen (SvO2)
60% -80%
Cardiac output (CO)
4-8 L/min
Pulmonary artery pressure (PAP)
25/10 mm Hg (20-30 / 8-12)
Pulmonary artery occlusive pressure (wedge) (PAOP)
4-12 mm Hg
Central venous pressure (CVP)
2-8 mm Hg
Stroke volume (SV)
60-70 ml
Stroke index (SI)
25-50 ml/beat/m2
Cardiac index (CI)
2.5-4.0 L/m2
Systemic vascular resistance (SVR)
900-1400 dyne/s/cm-5/m2
Pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR)
100-240 dyne/s/cm-5/m2

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