Friday, April 20, 2012

BzzAgent Review of Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream: Follow Up

  As promised I am following up on my experience with Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream that was sent to me from BzzAgent to review. I have been wearing the B.B. Cream exclusively now for about about a month, I use it in place of a moisturizer when I get up and instead of the mineral powder that I had previously used as a foundation.

  Here are the photo's that I uploaded at the beginning of the campaign, before I began using the BB Cream. My biggest complaint at the time was that I felt a little uneven in tone and there are some slight discolorations on my cheeks. 

    After using the B.B Cream for a little over a month I have begun to notice that my skin looks better even without wearing it. Take a look for yourself, I took this picture today with no make up on (the things I will do to prove a point!)
  I think that overall the tone of my skin is more even, with less of the discolorations across the cheeks. I also noticed that my skin looks smoother and when I get close up to the mirror the pores look smaller to me.

  The biggest difference that I notice now is that I have had way less breakouts. I used to forever have blackheads across my forehead and chin and big red zits on my cheeks.  I was worried that the BB Cream would add to those problems but instead it seems to have evened out my skin. Now I get the occasion blackheads on my chin and forehead if I don't wash well but very few on my cheeks. 

  From a nurse's stand point this is a fabulous product. It takes the place of my moisturizer and foundation, which means it is one less thing to worry about when getting ready for work. The B.B. Cream has stood up to numerous 12 hour shifts without smudging or rubbing off despite crazy hectic nights of running around and sweating, I noticed in the morning I still look the way I did when I started my shift.

  I did a little research on the prices of the designer end BB Creams and found that in most cases the Garnier BB Cream is less than half the price and is available anywhere Garnier products are sold, saving me not only a large chunk of change in the price but the gas money that is required to head over to the specialty store that sells the others.

  After a month of use Garnier's BB Cream gets my stamp of approval and will be a staple in my beauty routine, allowing me to get rid of a ton of stuff in my cupboard. I highly suggest that you try it out!

Legal stuff: I was provided with this product compliments of BzzAgent for testing and review purposes. The opinions contained in this blog about said product are solely 100% mine 

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