Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?

 So after working 6 in a row I slept a coma on Monday only to be woken up by my phone ringing. I was so groggy that I let it go to message and fell back asleep. When I finally came to this is what I found on my phones voice mail...

  "Hey, I know that you've worked like a million shifts BUT I really need a nurse for the ED tonight. If you could come in that would be great. Give me a call if you can!"

  I politely deleted the message and pretended that I never heard it or saw it, and I didn't even feel bad. I went out to dinner with the hubby, came home and promptly fell into a coma again.

  Yesterday I was nursing a cold I seemed to have picked up. If I ever chose to work like a maniac again I will make a note to load up on the Vitamin C. My phone rang with caller ID showing the staffing number, again. I let that one go to voice mail too, once again the staffing office admitting that they know I've worked a ton but could I please consider coming in as they are short an ED nurse again tonight?

  At that point I turned off the ringer and pointedly ignored my phone, if the staffing office couldn't be responsible, I would. I know my limits.


  1. I seriously think your hospital needs to hire some damn nurses!!

    :-) December lol

    1. No people just need to stop calling off at the last minute. The ED nurses do it all the time =P And yes, you should not say anything about us hiring more nurses until December =)

  2. Gotta know your limits!
    One of the best things one of my old instructors ever said to me was...learn to say NO :)

  3. good for you girl. That's some kind of abuse, having your cell number and calling multiple times for the same thing...


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