Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm a Nurse

When I arrive for shift and 
they tell me they have brought in a nurse 
to cover my assignment in the ICU so I can cover 
in the ER because they are down a nurse 
I wonder...
Why the hell did I offer to float in the first place?

When the A/C goes down in the middle of the night 
and the whole hospital heats up to 90 degrees
I wonder...
Why didn't I call in sick like I wanted to today?

When the crazy patient pulls out her foley 
and then pee's on all over the bed 
and my arms as I try to get another one in
I wonder...
Why did I sign up for this job?

When a patients family comes in the doors to tell us 
that he is recovering upstairs on 
the Tele floor, gives us hugs all around 
and says thank you 
for saving their loved ones life
I know...
This makes everything else worth it.

Yep, I'm a nurse, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.


  1. it never stops.
    there is not many a dull moment.
    my clinical this semester will be on our telemetry floor.
    that is, after my 5 weeks of psych clinicals that start tomorrow.

  2. Just face is... you are an ED Nurse now! :P ED needs to hire me next year then they won't be short all the time... LOL

    1. =P While I have learned a number of things there I most defiantly do not want to be an ED nurse there yet. They keep asking when I am going to transfer, apparently the whole unit likes me including the Dr's and PA's but I really like being in the ICU, I get more of a chance to learn instead of treading water.

  3. Nowadays, there are less passionate nurse who would really take care of their patients well. May they be able to read your blog post so that they will know that there is more to nursing than just earning big bucks.

    lpn to bsn


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