Friday, October 26, 2012

"H" Stands For Human

  Dear Patient,

   Thank you for choosing our hospital for your medical emergency, we are glad that you think so highly of us that you would bring your family member here. I feel the need at this time to point out to you that while we are indeed a hospital and have an Emergency Dept, we specialize only in treating the human members of your family. While we do understand that canines are a very important part of any family, regret to inform you that we are unable to treat the four legged member of your family at this time.

  While our doctors are indeed very skilled at treating humans, I am afraid they are rather under trained in the treatment of canines, and would further suggest that you would really not want one of them to attend to your four legged family member since I am very sure that they would have no idea of what they were doing and could potentially cause greater harm to Fido.

  I would further suggest that standing at the Triage window and arguing with the nurse there will only cause further delay in the treatment of your beloved canine and that you should, without any further delay, should take him to the nearest 24 hour animal clinic if he is indeed having a medical emergency. The nearest emergency clinic is two blocks north of our location.

  Please be assured that we do understand that veterinarian bills are very expensive and that it is a great hardship for you to cover the cost of treatment for Fido,however I regret to inform you that Medicare would not accept charges for Fido's care even if we agreed to treat him. Yes I do understand that he IS a family member to you, but the Federal Government does not at this time cover any animals medical treatment, please feel free to raise this issue with your local government officials.

  Once again thank you for choosing Local Hospital for your healthcare needs.


   Kitty, RN


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  1. Hello Nurse Kitty!

    Found you via Medical Monday Blog Hop! Funny stuff... I can't believe people would bring a pet to an ER!


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