Thursday, April 3, 2014


 It's been a nearly a year since my hubby set up my garden.
 The growth that I have seen has been incredible,
 and  has made me see 
 how much my garden has mirrored my journey in nursing.

Things start out slow.
Small things are both exciting 

Then things start to take shape.
You begin to see amazing things in places you never imagined.

Things begin to blossom.

You find beauty in the everyday
appreciate what you took for granted before.

The smallest, mundane things 
become the most satisfying rewards.

Enjoy the journey,
find wonder in the small things,
reap all the rewards no matter how small.
Grow your garden.


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  2. I love this! I'm a first quarter nursing student, and am a little overwhelmed. This "poem" is wonderful, thank you! Emily

    1. Emily, nursing school can be quite overwhelming but very worth it. You will find the same thing with your first job, just remember to find time to do something small for yourself, even if it is just stopping to smell the flowers. It helps keep your perspective!


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