Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nurses Week

 This week I lost a colleague, co-worker and friend. 

  This week that is for celebrating nurses and all that they do, the world lost a great nurse. There will be news stories devoted to her, but it rocked the worlds of all those who worked with her, knew her and loved her.

  This week while many of us will be enjoying food, prizes and gifts to say thank you for all the sacrifices we make, one group of us while be mourning the loss of a friend and drawing close one another for comfort.

  What can I tell you about her? She was a nurse. She cared for her patients, not always in the tender, gentle, stereotyped way that TV and books glorify as the hallmark of a "good nurse". But always with her patients best interests and well being in the very fore front of her mind. She cared for people with great skill and a good heart always. She volunteered for disaster relief even though it pulled her away from her family at times. She always helped those around her with good nature. In the end she was a good person and she was a nurse, in every embodiment of the word and was proud of that title.

  On this week when you are celebrating Nurses Week, remember those around you and celebrate them. Not this trumped up idea of what the "ideal" nurse is, but the people that they are. Who they are and what they do, because you never know if you will not be able to tell them how amazing they are tomorrow.

 This Nurses Week I will celebrate who she was, a colleague, co-worker, friend and a nurse.


  1. Its a nice post we should celebrate nurse's week because all nurses do a great job..


  2. I'm very sorry about your loss. I have a couple of neighbors who are nurses. I see all of the time and effort they sacrifice. They have very busy lives while trying to spend time with their family as well as focusing on their job. I'm very appreciative of all the nurses and all they contribute.
    Gary Puntman |

  3. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Nurses are to be celebrated. Happy nurses week.

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  8. I recently went through a similar experience. A nurse I had worked with died in a tragic kayaking accident last month. When I went to the funeral, I actually had an amazing time. The family/close friends did a wonderful job of telling stories that were so true and fun about this woman and they encouraged everyone to have fun (there was even an open bar). It was light and full of laughter. Best of all, it was a rare chance to hang out with many nurses I hadn't seen in a long time. Of course, it is jarring when someone unexpectedly dies, and it was especially sad how young and how violently she died, however her family was already ready and willing to think positively about how much fun their time with this special individual had been, instead of wallowing in pity and anger about the situation.

    Also, you might find this post interesting about hardship.

    Best of Luck


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  10. Thanks for the reminder to more vocal about how skilled co-workers and family are. I think sometimes in the rush to do a great job the little things slip.

  11. Great article I have seen a lot of nurses work in Senior Home Care agencies. Great to see that their work is appreciated and recognized =)

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  15. Really sorry to hear about your colleague. It is a big loss not just for you but for the hospital and the world. Because the care nurses do for patients not even family does.

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