Monday, October 17, 2011

What They Didn't Cover in Nursing School

Me this morning, last night, yesterday.......

  Couldn't sleep, I think I finally passed out around 3am morning(?) Got up at 7am because I couldn't stay asleep and stumbled around like a zombie waiting for 10am to roll around because I have decided that is an acceptable hour to make that "Hi, remember me?" call. 

  Oh yeah, someone upstairs must be having fun with me today because that silent paper weight I call a phone has been ringing like mad, no one I want to talk to unfortunately. One guy actually called me saying that T-Mobile gave him the same phone number as me and then tried to carry on a conversation asking me where I lived. CREEPY!

  So anyone out there want to give this newbie a hand? This is where nursing school has left me woefully uneducated. I can jump into a code, have been a first responder for a spinal injury but I am lost about the hiring practices. So if anyone, ANYONE wants to chime in on these questions please do!
  1. How long is "normal" for it to take a hospital to get back to you with an offer of employment?
  2. How long should you wait before you decide you don't have the job?
  3. Do you get a "thanks but no thanks" call, email etc? Or do they never talk to you again?
  4. I've called once, is it permissible to contact again and how long do I wait?
  5. Any tips on how to get a job?
  I'd love to hear from anyone, I mean it's something to do other than climb the walls right?


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