Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nursing Dx: Disturbed Body Image is Not Just for Women

  It occurred to me after reading the article Being Ken is as Hard as Being Barbie: Why Body Image is a Male Problem, Too (warning this will take you to a website with adult only content, please lock the kiddies up before viewing) that while the modern media is always talking about all the issues women have with "body image" we very rarely talk about how men feel. For the last decade we have very much ignored the male point of view when it comes to body image issues. 

  Do men not face the same pressures that women to conform to a particular and highly unrealistic image of what is attractive? I find that very hard to believe since every page I turn in a magazine features some well muscled, smooth skinned guy sans his shirt trying to convince you to buy whatever it is he is hocking. 

  As nurses I believe it is very important for us to understand the issues that face those who will walk through our doors in whatever setting that we work, but even more important is to continue to look at all sides of the issues that are presented to us.  I would highly suggest reading the above mentioned article as it is written very honestly from the male point of view, I found it very enlightening.

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  1. I have actually read about this more and more. The shirtless muscle bound ripped abs of preference are just as bad for men as the skinny airbrushed glossy magazine types for women.


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