Monday, February 6, 2012

RN = Patient Advocate, But MD Disagrees And Nurses License is Threatened

  If you have not hear of the case of 
please take a moment to read this short post. 
Ms. Trujillo is an RN who was fired for doing what 
we as nurses consider to be our most sacred duty, 
to be an advocate for our patients. 

  To read the entire story via an email that Amanda wrote herself please see this link you can read the entire story from her point of view on the Nerdy Nurse

  This case has even hit the airwaves now, to see the news story on it please see this link to CBS-5 KPHO

 Outraged? Want to help? Here's how you can...

Sign the petition 


  • Make a donation to help cover legal fees HERE
Don't stay silent over this! Blog and Tweet about this, get your fellow nurses talking! If you have blogged or will blog about this add your article to the growing list on The Nerdy Nurse

Tweet about it and use  #NurseUp 

Contact Amanda and let her know you are on her side 


  1. Thanks for sharing this case about Amanda Trujillo. Patient advocacy is never a crime,it is actually a responsibility of every nurses even a right. It is also our right to be heard specially if our fellow nurse is threatened to be suspended of her licence. Here, it is not just a threat to her, but to all nurses out there.

    Thanks for the share,
    Peny@nurse scrubs

  2. Thanks for joining us in highlighting this issue!

    Amanda needs our support!


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