Sunday, March 18, 2012

BzzAgent Review of Garnier B.B. Cream: Nurse Approved!

 A little while ago I told you about Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream that BzzAgent sent me to test and review. Now that I've had a week or so to play with and use it under different circumstances I can share with you my initial feelings.
  • All in one product saves time and skips needing to put on multiple products
  • Lightweight product
  • Sheer coverage evens skin tone
  • Works with my Asian skin tone
  • Only two shades Light/Medium and Medium/Deep nothing for Fair skinned complexion
  • Sheer coverage doesn't completely cover all spots and blemishes
  • Only SPF 15, could use a higher level of coverage
  • Contains glycerin 
The Low Down:
  This products brags to contain Vitamin C as an antioxidant to help with overall radiance and Hyaluronic Acid along with glycerin to help maintain moisture. Further reading the box ingredients I noticed Caffeine was also listed as an ingredient. BB Cream also uses 4% Octinoxate for suncreen.

 Out of the tube this cream has a consistency that reminds me of toothpaste, very thick and holds it's shape when squeezed out. 
  Not at all like the moisturizer it had promised to be, this made me very worried. When I began working it around in my fingers I noticed the B.B. Cream has a very rich silky texture, not at all chalky even though it contains mineral pigments.

  When first applied to my face I noticed that the cream had a very "wet" feel to it, but as I smoothed it around I began to notice it worked into the skin much like moisturizer. After a few minutes my skin no longer felt "wet" but velvety and well moisturized.

  I noticed that the B.B. Cream gives very sheer coverage, meaning you can see some of my acne scars and blemishes but they are less visible. This also blends my discolorations and makes my skin tone more even and consistent.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find that it has a very beige base tone, and seems to do quite well for my Asian skin tone, though this may be a problem for those with pink based skin tones.

Now here are a couple of Before and After shots:

  As you can see I have some dark spots on my cheek that give it a blotchy look and my skin tone is far from even. After putting on the B.B. Cream the spots seem less noticeable and more blended and I think my skin tone looks way more even and less blotchy.

  Again I think the pictures speak for themselves, I feel like my skin looks fresher and more even in the after picture without that cakey look that foundations can give you. Also you don't get those hideous foundation lines at your hairline.

The Verdict:
  So far I am pretty impressed with Garnier's B.B. Cream. It goes on very easily, I just smooth it into the skin in an upward motion (towards the hairline, this was suggested by an Asian makeup site) with my fingers, no need for a sponge or special brushes.  I love the fact that once it's on you barely notice you're wearing any makeup, it's lighter than a number of moisturizers with SPF that I have used.
  Yes there are a few things that I would wish for. I wish it had a better SPF than just 15, a number of designer brand B.B Creams offer SPF's of 45. And I do wish that this came in a greater range of shades, I think the Light/Medium that I chose may be just a shade light but am concerned that the Medium/Deep might be too dark and leave me looking like Snookie. Also some people may not be thrilled about the glycerin in the product as it has been known to aggravate sensitive skin. Personally I'm O.K. with the sheer coverage as I like to look as natural as possible, but I'm sure that some people will grumble. To those folks I will say, go find a foundation.

  With a MSP of $12.99 for a 75 mL tube, this is a great value. I use about a nickle sized dollop to cover my face and neck each day AND the product held up great over a 12 hour shift, without smudging or wearing off in strange places. Add that to the fact that it now takes me 15 minutes to moisturize and put on a "foundation" layer before heading out the door and you have me sold.

  I have heard that over time wearing this product can result in better skin tone and lightening of discoloration, which is supposed to be a perk of B.B. Creams found in Asia. I will continue with the product for the rest of the Bzz Campaign (37 days) and weigh in on those benefits later. For the time being I'm sticking to my one tube beauty secret!

Legal stuff: I was provided with this product compliments of BzzAgent for testing and review purposes. The opinions contained in this blog about said product are solely mine 


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