Sunday, March 11, 2012

Miracle Cream by Garnier Put to the Nurse Test

  For any of you who didn't know, on top of trying to figure out this whole nursing thing I love to review products in what little spare time I have. I am a BzzAgent, which means I am offered products through a program called BzzAgent in return for my honest opinion and asked to spread the word to all my friends.  Super easy, I think you all can tell I love to gab.

  I was offered a chance to try a product called 

  This product promises to do it all, deal with dull, blotchy skin, even out skin tone, moisturize all while correcting your issues. It is an all in one skin care and beauty regiment, use the stuff in this one tube and look like you are glowing PLUS fix all those nasty issues.

  The "BB" in the name means "Beauty Balm" and the concept comes from Asia where girls have been using these all in one formula for years to achieve that enviable porcelain complexion. If this is true why the heck have my relatives been holding out?!  Of course I would jump at a chance to try something that would make my life easier. How many of us would love to show up to work with a perfect complexion and only having to had slapped one cream on? That equals to 20 minutes extra sleep!

  So to really test these claims I'm going to do the unthinkable and post a before picture of myself with no makeup. Then we will have an after picture when I put the stuff on. A couple weeks later I'll post another picture to see if it really has cleared up some of my complexion issues. Sound fair?

Great, so here is my before photo which is totally untouched
  So here is my skin breakdown; I have super oily T-Zone, dry cheeks and am hugely prone to blackheads on my forehead and chin. I have a number of acne scars because I can't help squeezing my spots (yep I'm gross) . I'm hoping this stuff will give me enough coverage so my dark spots don't show and that it won't turn my face into an oil slick like so many foundations and tinted moisturizes do. It would be even better if it actually matched my odd, tanned Asian skin tone and didn't leave me looking oddly colored.

Stay tuned folks!

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