Friday, June 15, 2012

Dilemma and a Giveaway!

  I have a dilemma, but it is the very best kind of dilemma to have. Mr and I have decided that we need to get away, this will be our very FIRST vacation ever!  So we are now tossing around ideas as to where to head off too. We live smack dab in the middle of two great choices, Las Vegas or California, so where to go? Now you see my dilemma!

  It is two totally different vacations, in two totally different spots. I could head out to the Coast and spend my vacation on the beach, laid back out in the sun and just chill. On the other hand I could head over to Vegas and party it up, shop and let loose with the glam night life. Such a hard decision!!

  OK, so while I consider my trip destination I figured I would offer you ladies a very similar dilemma in the form of a giveaway. (Guys are welcome to join but the prizes are girly stuff, but hey maybe you have a lady in your life who would love them)

  Here's the deal, there are two prize packs to be given away and a lucky winner for each.

The Pamper Pack

This prize contains all a nurse needs to pamper herself after a long shift!

- Simple Moisturizing Face Wash
- Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint ReMoist Intensive Hair Treatment
- Soothing Peppermint Menthol Foot Balm
- Sally Hansen Nail File

The Glam Girl

You may wear scrubs for a living but a girl has to glam it up once in a while!

- 14 Gorgeous Bangles
- Pair of Aviator Sunglasses
- Multi-Strand Rhinestone Necklace

The Rules:
  You must be a follower of this blog either through Google Friends Connect or Google+, your choice. Now leave me a comment telling me which prize pack you would love to win and why you should get it. Make it funny, silly or serious but leave me something to make me decide to give it to you, this will not be drawn at random, my favorite commentors will win the prize. That's it!

  Oh yes, and since I have to choose between vacation spots, you guys have to choose between prize packs, meaning you can only enter for one prize!

  The winners will be announced on June 29th.

(Everyone is invited to enter, this giveaway is not limited to nurses only. US and Canadian Addresses only)


  1. i'm pretty sure i follow you through google ;)
    so, i'm a student nurse, with a blog, and LOOKING for other nursing blogs.
    found yours.
    LOVE yours!!
    11 more months to go and i'll be a real, live, RN!! [if i pass the NCLEX...]
    so, as you may well know... nursing students are broke.
    i got no style or money to support a style.
    the glam girl pack would be perfect!!
    i'm just sayin...

  2. p.s.
    i think california might be kind of awesome, depending on where you'd be going.
    i've never been to either before, but... YAY for CA!!

  3. I follow you probably on everything.. lol... anyways... let's see, I could use the sun glasses to cover the dark circles under my eye from being a nursing student during the day 4 days a week, and a working LPN on NOC shift 3 nights a week. But then I think, heck, my hair is crap because I am growing out a short "do" and getting ready for my Hollywood Longer Style Blonde "do" when I drop some more weight. Speaking of weight loss, it does a number on your skin and heck when has a nurse not needed soothing footbalm? Aw... tough decision... maybe I'll just go to Cali too! Hehe... I'd go for the Pamper Pack.. cuz infomercial after infomercial I watch on the NOC shift says WEN is the "stuff"!

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  5. Oooh i'm in serious need of that pamper pack, girl! I'm a nursing student and any chance I get I want to treat myself! (I'm sure you understand where i'm coming from!) I was previously a fashion marketing student so I have my fair share of glam items and a pretty awesome wardrobe if I do say so myself, haha!

    I follow you via GFC!

    As far as your vacation... CA and Las Vegas are two of my favorite destinations! I've been longing for a laid-back vacation lately so personally i'd choose California (San Diego probably!) Good luck making a decision!!


  6. I follow through GFC :)
    So I am a nursing student with 1 semester of school left and would love the glam girl pack because:
    a.) I have never won anything in my life except board games. Seriously.
    b.) I am in desperate need of a new pair of sunglasses. The ones I use now are from when I was 15 or 16. I am 23.
    c.) I need some glam in my life!

    This post just made me sound pathetic and like a cheapskate, but I'm gonna channel Michelle from Full House and say "I'm a nice girl!"

    And I think you should go to California for vacation because laying on the beach and relaxing with a drink sounds DIVINE!


  7. Hi!, I follow you on GFc. I'm not a nurse but I would love to win the glam pack, I definitely need some cute jewelry who doesn't. thanks for the giveaway!


  8. Thank you for the giveaway! I am following you via GFC as Sam Sain. =)

    Although I am not a nurse, I will be taking medical courses in college next year (on a side note, I wish to be a cardiologist!). The pamper pack is certainly calling for me and I would love to win this baby so I can have some quality time with myself and show some appreciation to my body through hair, body, and nails treatment. Hey, which girl doesn't love a little, refreshing SPA-time at the comfort of their house? ;) Speaking of refreshing, the pack will certainly help me to refresh since I finished my final exams this week! Summer/free time + beauty = divine joy! (I couldn't resist to do a simple yet true addition, hehe.)

    As for vacation spots, although I live in Canada, my dad stayed in California for ten years and he doesn't stop telling me the good times he had over there, so it looks like a place that should be a traveler's favorite spot!

  9. I follow you and I would like to enter to win the Glam girl set because I've been feeling pretty blue lately and I thought the blue set would cheer me up :-)

  10. I just found your blog and look forward to reading them. I am a newby graduate and just signed up to take my boards. I could really use either pack. But probably pamper pack more. I am a mom of a special needs 9 year old and a wild and crazy almost 3 year old. It was really hard to make it this last year of school but hard work, dedication and a whole lot of family support I graduated.

  11. Would love to win The Pamper Pack

    P retty hair
    A lways looking my best
    M oisturizing my face
    P utting a smile on my face
    E nding the day with new experiences
    R eady for another day

    P ushing the limits
    A chieving the impossible
    C hallenges here I come
    K ind and friendly as always


  12. Just came across your blog today! I'm about to start medical school, and I'm really looking forward to the good and hard days of being of service in the healthcare field.

    I follow you on GFC under natalie9103, and I would pick the second prize pack because....

    All throughout college, I worked so intensely that I never really had the chance to style myself up very often. My boyfriend always wants me to add to my accessory pile (which is sadly small), and the pack would help me to start working my way up!

  13. i love the glam girl pack! I lover every item esp those gorgeous bracelets! I'd love to win to have a new treat to add to my jewelry. I've never owned aviators but I'd love to try them! Thanks for the chance. I follow via gfc


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