Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Power of One

 My phone rang last night at 630 and it's the staffing office. Why on earth would they be calling me? I pick up and immediately get asked to work an extra shift in the ED, they as desperately short and could use the help. After confirming with the supervisor that it DOES mean overtime I grab my scrubs and somehow manage to get to work by 1904. Just in time for huddle.

  The night is insane, I usually work Fast Track when in the ED but they decided it was sink or swim time and they gave me four curtains of "major medical". Chest painers, over doses, abdominal pain, that sort of thing. I muddled my way through somehow without screwing up too badly. My biggest mistake all night was giving Rocephine IM instead of IV, and the Doc just laughed at me and changed his order after asking me what was wrong with the lovely IV that was in the fella.

  As the night went on the ICU numbers kept going up and up and since I am "on loan" from the ICU, there came a point when they had had enough of the admits and demanded that I come back. So the Supervisor sent me back, with another patient, with an hour left on the day to help everyone catch up. I trotted over there and cheerfully hung meds, did accuchecks and turned patients to help my team mates catch up. 

  It was a long and exhausting night, but the team did good work so I was feeling good. That was until one person decided to ruin it. A family member of a patient pulled the House Supervisor aside and complained about me. She had taken offense to the fact that when she was let in to the unit I had had the gall to ask what room she was heading to, as per policy. Apparently I was "Loud and obnoxious" in my questioning. That just made me blow my stack. After rearranging my night, taking sick patient after sick patient AND coming back to be a team player in the unit, this was my thanks. Of course the House Sup wasn't going to defend me, there's that whole customer satisfaction thing everyone is worried about. So I got dressed down, to satisfy her.

  Honestly, I give up. I felt like saying to this woman, instead of worrying about the quality of care,  your loved one is receiving you feel the need to nit pick on the fact that I asked what room you are heading to when you enter a locked unit, wow you really have your priorities straight.  Really I understand that people are stressed when a loved one is in an ICU, but seriously don't you have better things to direct your attention to than the nurse who greets you at the desk? Sheesh. Whatever happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all"?

  It only takes one person to totally ruin a good night.


  1. Although the supe didn't defend you im sure they outright dismissed the comment, don't take it to heart baby, your doing an awesome job.


  2. I have had that a lot lately too, that the supervisors has "satisfy the patient" irregardless if the patient is right or wrong. It is very heartbreaking! I think they will just brush the comment off, they know what you are capable of!

  3. And that is why I generally dislike people. LOL

    Customer service is good and all but this is not a store or restaurant, this is an ICU where it is your job to save the life of their family member. We totally need to keep the ass kissing where it belongs.

  4. Thanks for the support my dears. I know nothing will come of it but it still annoys the heck out of me. I understand if someone has an issue with the patient that I am caring for. But really complaining about the person who basically unlocked a door is pretty sad.

    I really think this whole push towards "customer satisfaction" is seriously endangering good patient care


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