Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Sexy and I Know It

  The last shift in the ER I was working with one of my favorite PA's. He's the "no bullshit" kind of guy who has a ton of sympathy for anyone with a real complaint, but anyone looking for a refill on their Dilaudid isn't going to get very far with him. No Bullshit has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor that matches nicely with mine so when we work together we make one hell of a team.

  That night we had a fellow in with an injury to his male organs that was truly legit. No Bullshit ordered an application of a numbing agent to the effected area. As I was pulling the stuff out he looks over at me and says; 

  "Hey you want to give that over to one of the guy's?"

  I look at him a little confused, "I'm a nurse I can handle looking a a guys thingy."

  He laughs, "Yeah well how about we make the fellow feel more comfortable? It's kind of embarrassing to have that kind of injury and then to have a hottie nurse handling your junk."

  "Oh I'm a hottie am I? Is that what you think of me?"
  "You're a hottie and you know it. Now go give Grandma over there a shot of antibiotics."

  This is why I love working with No Bullshit, 
we always end up having a good laugh.
"I'm too sexy for my scrubs."


  1. oh. my. goodness.
    seeing that he was all "exposed" and what not, i probably would have turned 50 shades of RED.
    for real.
    i worry about that part of nursing.
    i've seen many a naked people's privates but when he's all chatty...
    not sure how that would go.

    1. LOL well thankfully No Bullshit had the class to say this outside the patients room, in nursing station. Surprisingly when patients are chatty while exposed I find it helps make everything feel normal, so I don't turn a nice shade of red

  2. What an ego booster that must have been! I would have wanted to see the injury though. haha.

  3. This blog post is really entertaining. I find myself laughing as I finished reading your post. Thanks for sharing this.

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  5. This blog is great!! and that injury must have sucked lol

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