Monday, August 13, 2012

Medical Scrubs Mall Review

  I don't usually shop on the internet but, when it comes to my scrubs I'm all for it. There are not many places in my town that are close to me and let's face it shopping for medical uniforms is not a girls idea of a ton of fun, so I shop online from the comfort of home and let the scrubs come to me.

  Recently I was introduced to Medical Scrubs Mall, they have a great selection of scrubs at good prices. Importantly for me they have a huge variety of solid colored scrubs that can be easily searched, since I need to find scrubs in navy blue only. I love the fact that every set of scrubs on the site is displayed with the colors it is available in under the picture so I know instantly if I should bother taking a closer look. You can even click the color box and view the item of your choice in the color you are looking for so their are no surprises. If you are one of the lucky nurses who gets to wear prints these folks have a huge selection of the prettiest prints, I envy you ladies!

 I found this super cute warm up jacket on their site that I just have to have. I love the contrast detail, it fits into the work uniform without being blah. I need a ton of these jackets to stay warm, for some reason they keep our hospital about the same temp as an ice box!

  Speaking of keeping warm I also found this great long sleeve T-shirt to wear under my scrubs while I was looking around. I love layering pieces like these because they also keep your arms covered and protected from who knows what. I love the color and the fact that it's 100% cotton, which means it will breath. 

  So if you are like me and hate spending time in cramped, overflowing scrub stores and would rather be at home than out shopping for your uniforms I'd check these folks out.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Medical Scrubs Mall. While the opinions in the above post are mine I have received compensation for the above review.


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