Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Morning Funnies

  You know you're an ICU nurse when you 
secretly admit to having wanted to do this.

You know you're an ER nurse when you 
have done this!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi Kitty, this is Dan (the other Canadian), I posted comments a while back. I was wondering if I could keep in touch with you via email and ask you a few questions now and then (student visa, OPT, TN, etc).

    Things are starting to come together, I'm flying tomorrow CA->WA for a 2nd interview at a rural CCU. I'm told its a formality, more of a tour and meet and greet. Im so stoked!

    If you down, shoot me an email:


  2. I've done that in an attempt to get a head CT done. It didn't work and I cried a little inside!

    1. Yes, I love when a doc says "lets do a CT head" but doesn't give you enough sedation for a patient that is uninstructable....and then complains that it didn't get done =P

  3. They overlooked restraining his toes! I once had an acrobatic patient try to pull out his Foley by clamping the drainage tube between his feet and pulling. OUCH!


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