Saturday, September 8, 2012


  Earlier today I found this article from Scrubs Magazine on Facebook.

This article was written by a Nurse Practitioner who obviously feels less than thrilled 
"new nurses" lately.

Personally I was seriously offended by the entire tone of the article
but I would like you, dear readers, to take a look and decide for yourselves.

Should I be offended?
Should you be offended?
Are you?

What would you like to say to this fellow in response to his article?


  1. I agree! I would like to know if the author would be offended if I admitted that there have been seasoned nurses who have made me VERY nervous! They stick to their tried and true and don't pay any mind of EBP! Yes we as new nurses can make mistakes...but everyone was once a new nurse. I agree that its not just the words, but the tone. Its a very unwilling to teach and nurture attitude. If you want us to be good....teach us how to be good! I hope I never get cold and cynical....and that I never "eat my young"!!!!

  2. Yeah it's a little condescending.

  3. I have it interesting as usual how it became an us against them article pretty quick, with a lot of making excuses by some people on where to the blame goes for mistakes. I think the gist of the article was that this guy has had some pretty dang smart nurses come into his floor, despite all of those letters he hopes to have behind his name some day, the "new" nurses have actually managed to provide patient care and taken care of situations better than he could have or better than he expected, without having to ask a million questions and soak up all of his 7 years worth of sage advise. Irk irk irk!

  4. Yes, that was pretty condesending. What's the problem with some one showing confidence?

  5. I have worked with some newly graduated and even some new staff lately, that have that I know it all attitude. I am all for fresh eyes and brains, but I think in some aspects experience is the way to go. It is a fine line between confidence and over confidence. One of the new graduates told me she was finished learning now, as she had her masters (Bachelor then Masters with no practice) so she could be a nurse manager. I am all for her spirit and goals, but I feel she might need a bit of experience first and also, I am learning every day. I am also doing mistakes. Even after 8+ years! But most of the new staff is really good and really bring some fresh knowledge in! :)


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