Friday, September 7, 2012


  The other night I had the cutest kid in the ED, now you all know I'm not a huge kid person but I swear this child was a better patient than any of my adults that night. He had a painful injury that required us to transfer him out to a pediatric hospital and sat there smiling at me the entire time he was in my care. The little fellow even gulped down a decent dose of oral meds that, from the smell, I'm not sure I would have been able to take in one swallow.

  When the ambulance crew came in to take my buddy, the little fellow suddenly burst into tears and began sobbing. I was taken aback at the tears since he had been so cheerful all night.

  "He buddy whats wrong? These guys are going to take you for a ride in the ambulance, I thought you were excited about that."

  The little fellow looked up at me and sniffled, "But I want to stay here with YOU! You're nice!"

  I think my heart melted a little right then.

  After a couple minutes we had my buddy on the stretcher, giggling and waving good bye, asking the driver if he was going to put on the lights and siren as he was being wheeled out. Every once in a while a patient puts a smile on your face, my little buddy gave me one that lasted most of the night.


  1. That's the sweetest. At one of my clinicals 2 weeks ago I had a little girl who didn't want to go home, "I want to stay here with you," was the response I got.


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