Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last night I had this weird half waking dream.
I'd half wake up and think to myself,

"OMG the monitor in this room is not working!
There are no vital signs on this patient,
is he alive or dead?!?"

Then realize that I am in my own bedroom,
there is no dying patient,
and go back sleep.

This happened several times last night,
can you tell I have had crashing patients A LOT lately?


  1. I'd be traumatized, too!!! My husband will start barking orders in his sleep while he dreams of high stress situations in the OR. He sleeps right through it all... ME? I'm up the rest of the night stressed out!

    1. LOL OK that would be seriously hard to deal with. I'm glad I just wake up, I think my husband is thankful for that too


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