Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aren't We All On The Same Side?

  After working four nights in a row I was treated this week to my first episode of "Nurses Eating Their Own". I won't bore anyone with details, but I made a small mistake and one of the nurses took the chart, not to the charge or even the head of our department, she took it straight to the house supervisor. She even went so far as to make copies of the chart and show the Doc, who got all steamed too. 

  Now I admit I made a mistake, no harm came to the patient. In fact it was a silly thing and I have learned my lesson to read protocols a little more carefully. But really? Aren't we all on the same side here? Isn't our job to provide care to our patients, not hunt out silly mistakes made by another nurse and blow it up into a huge mess? I was so demoralized that morning on my way home, I really do believe that healthcare only works when you have a team. I know this is reality but is it really best for the patients that we care for when Doctors and Nurses are at odds with each other? What ever happened to the Sisterhood of Nurses? Back in the day we hung together, now all we do is try to tear each other down, for what gain?  If anyone can tell me what we actually achieve by backstabbing one another I would love to hear it.

  Oh yes in case you were wondering, the Director called me into the office in the AM and told me not to take anything personally. Things like this happen she said, no one is mad at me and did I learn my lesson? 

  Yup I sure did, TRUST NO ONE. 

  Damn I feel like I working in the spy business may be less stressful!


  1. I really wish people like that would chose another field of practice, like being a police officer or something.

  2. Ok, next time I have the unfortunate experience of a hospital stay, please raise your hand and let me know you are new on the job. That way I will know to praise you to everyone who comes into the room, especially the attending. Work environments like that can give you cancer if you internalize it.

    1. Ha thanks Lisa, you are right I had better start watching for growths!


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