Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Not Just The Patients

One of the respiratory therapists came to me last night and asked me this

RT: Is a blood pressure of 179/109 bad?

Me: Uhhh, it's not good. What are you doing that it's so high? Are you on any medication?

RT: Nope, nothing.

Me: Are you sure?

RT: Yeah, all I've had tonight was 3 Monster energy drinks and some Sudafed for my cold.

Me: Well there's your answer.

RT: Really? Wow the things you don't know that are bad for you. By the way could smoking and drinking do that too cause I just had a smoke and was drinking ALOT last night.

 And I thought my patients were bad! 


  1. The weird part is this person decided to walk up to you and ask the random question and tell you exactly how bad their lifestyle is.

    In what other profession does this seem ok? LOL

  2. That is a good point! I think nurses and doctors get the strangest questions and information! Hope she decides to change something about her lifestyle! :p

  3. Update... RT is now on Lisinopril and a Nicotine patch!! Still drinking Monsters though, apparently no one has come up with a patch or pill for caffeine withdrawl LOL!


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