Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Respiratory Review Packet

I was cleaning out my Nursing School folder on my hard drive and came across these packets. Basically they were passed on from "generation" to generation of Block Four (last semester) students. They contain study material that is broken down by system and contain a ton of information about the diseases, medications and interventions that you need to know. Each generation of students have added on to it, making it a great resource. 

Since I no longer am in need of these I am happy to pass them along to any of you nursing students. Please follow the tradition and pass them along and edit or add any relevant information.  As always this packet comes with the caveat that I make no guarantees that information contained in the packet is up to date or correct, so please do not take it for gospel and do not come back screaming at me if you find any inaccuracies.


  1. Hey feel free to pass anything you'd like to down to me. One of these days I will get into block 3 ;-)

    1. Stay tuned I have a ton more stuff to post. One packet for each system plus some recorded lectures and power points that I can share!

  2. This file doesnt work anymore :(


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