Monday, February 6, 2012

You Know It's Going to Be a Bad Night When.....

........your charge hands you your assignment and says " Don't bother staying for the huddle, they need you at beside NOW!" walk into your patients room and find out they have been trying to intubate for the the last hour with no success.

.......the family members of a patient demand to know why their sweet grandma is restrained and you have to try and tell them that she punched a nurse in the face last night. look up and notice that one of your neighbors patients is standing next to the bed quietly removing the IV's for their arm, when they should be sedated and restrained.

..... the patient who is sundowning gets out of bed and poops on the floor thinking it's the toilet. give a patient 5mg of Haldol and they still are trying to knock you out. call the Dr. to tell him the 5mg of Haldol didn't work and he says that he's out of ideas.

.....everyone is asking if it's a full moon tonight, and you find out that it's not.

All this from one night in the ICU.


  1. Yeah! Sounds like fun! NOT... hehe.. glad you "like" it though. I can just hear your excitement. So yeah my blog hehe.

  2. Hee hee, y'know it's odd but I kind do like it. There are some night like this one where I just was like "whoa this is so surreal!" LOL


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