Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Nurses Christmas Link Up

Once again I'm linking up with 
Anna @ The Days When I'm Not a Nurse
Renee @ This Won't Hurt a Bit

Girls want to know what my Christmas plans are.

This year I am lucky enough to have Christmas Eve off!
So I will be chilling with family.

But in the meantime,
the holiday is in full swing!

Every year I make every nurse I work with a small handmade gift,
this is what I came up with this year.
Handmade bath bombs
which I made in a variety of scents.

I got the idea here and here 
on Pintrest.
Then ended up combining the "recipes"
and making my own
which seems to have worked out pretty darn well!

They smell great 
 when I tested one in my bath 
it really made my dry skin feel soft.
I think all the stressed nurses need these!

So I made a whole bunch of them!
There should be enough for every nurse,
plus the Respiratory Therapists,
Phelbotomists, X-Ray Techs 
Pharmacy Techs
that works on my unit.

Hopefully it will spread some holiday cheer!


  1. WOw, impressive that you had time for that! :)

  2. brilliant! I would've never thought to make something like that. :) I'm sure they'll love it!

  3. What a great idea! You are so crafty. I'm sure I would mess those up just like every other crafty thing ever! ;) Thanks for linking up girl!

  4. such a cute idea!! i need to come up with something to take the staff on christmas eve :)


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